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We welcome you to the creative world of tailorMATe!
Welcome to my page!

My name is Matina and if there is an element in the personality of everyone that characterizes him, then for me is definitely the organization! With studies in Business Planning and Information Systems and after spending ten years working in various companies, I decided to make the plunge and make my passion a profession.

As far as I remember myself, I was the one who organized everything, focusing and observing every detail that had escaped. The organization of the party decoration and gift design for the guests always have been an opportunity for creativity. For me everything that is asked to organize as a challenge to think of something new. Something that will make the difference. Besides the aim of each event is to be etched in our memory as a beautiful memory.

That my love combined with the value that I think has everything handmade, everything that has been build with love, led me to the founding of tailorMATe! My aim is to be able to respond in your style and your personality and give identity to any event. My belief is that all dreams can come true!!!!

Do not hesitate to contact me for any queries you may have. And even if you fail to find what you want, at least we will have met! Matina
tailorMATe by Matina Zolota
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