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You just said "YES" and you have already started to think how would be your wedding. The proper organization of a wedding can be a very pleasant experience but also very unpleasant. To hire a professional to organize your wedding maybe sounds to you as a luxury. In reality is not. The day of your wedding is only once and therefore mistakes are not allowed.

So we need planning! As much time as you think you have until your wedding day, you are advised to put your goals the soonest the possible, in order to allow sufficient time for their implementation.

At first before you start planning your wedding you should remember that your main goal is to make a marriage like you have dreamed and that reflects your own personality. before you set goals, you have to answer some basic questions:

The season and the date of the wedding
The place
How official or not you want your wedding
Which colors you prefer
What style you wish
Set your budget
Discuss details and priorities - Who will take the final decisions
Decide if you will finally hire a wedding planner or not

If you have answered the above questions, then you are in a very good way to start organizing your wedding. The topics and details that will arise are too much and therefore arm yourself with patience and you should be very careful and well informed.  

As the most time of our day we spend at work, usually our free time during the day is limited. Moreover if someone has not addressed again with organizing, then they will surely arise issues and questions that will be hard to face them. If we add the lack of coordination, right here comes the Wedding Planner to animate you, help you and protect you from the "pitfalls".  
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